Columbia China Dance

We are group of dancers exploring and sharing tradional Chinese dance

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About Us

Founded in 2013, Columbia China Dance is the only dance group at Columbia University that focuses on traditional Chinese dance from around the country.

Our Mission:

  • Promote Chinese Traditional Dance to the Columbia University community and New York City through various performances
  • Give dancers the opportunity to learn a diverse range of Chinese ethnic styles through practices and rehearsals
  • Share the team's hardwork and artistry in an annual showcase hosted by Columbia China Dance

Fall 2023 Programming:

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  1. Auditions are held at the beginning of each semester. Save the date for this semester's auditions: 10am-12pm on Saturday, September 16, 2023!
  2. Rehearsals are held twice a week, starting Sunday, September 17, 2023. Tentative schedule: Weekly practices on Sundays 10am-12pm & additional practices on Wednesdays 8pm-10pm.

Upcoming & Past Events

2023 Showcase | 远黛青山

We welcomed our dancers back on stage for our annual showcase for the first time in three years! Our theme, 远黛青山, encapsulates the beauty and mystery of nature.

Wanderlust | 舞象桃李

We held our second annual showcase on March 8th, 2020. The theme focused on our discoveries of self, culture, and identity as we begin to enter society.

Wanderlust Promotional Video

Check out our promotional video for our second annual showcase! This showcase is titled Wanderlust: 舞象桃李. Join us for a night of traditional and contemporary Chinese dance.

Tao Li Bei Competition

The Performance Team ranked first in its category and received the Gold award with the dance Mountain Spirit.

2023-2024 Board

Meet the board!


Elise Yang


Rebecca Tang


Katie Zhang


Annie Wang


Claire Cizdziel

Public Relations Chair

Qingyang Gu

Artistic Director

Heyang (Sunnie) Sun

Artistic Director

Ziwen Zhou

Artistic Director


Lost in the Spring Breeze

2023 Showcase

Faraway Green Mountain

2023 Showcase

Paper Fan Scholars

2023 Showcase

Journey of the Legendary Landscape

2023 Showcase

Our Song

2020 Showcase Wanderlust

Bridge of Memories

2020 Showcase Wanderlust

Mountain Spirit

2020 Showcase Wanderlust

Bath in Heaven

2020 Showcase Wanderlust


2020 Showcase Wanderlust Rehearsal


2020 Showcase Wanderlust

Dream Chaser

2020 Showcase Wanderlust Rehearsal