Founded in 2013, Columbia China Dance is the only dance group at Columbia University that focuses on traditional Chinese dance from around the country. Each year, the club performs a number of shows at prominent cultural events, such as Night Market, Lunar Gala, and the CU TASA Philanthropy banquet. The club holds practices and/or open workshops every Sunday and puts on an annual showcase towards the end of the year. Columbia China Dance hopes to share the beauty and diversity of Chinese culture with the community around it.

Meet the Team

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Nikita Tang


"Dance offers me something more than just the technical challenge found in rhythmic gymnastics; it includes an emotional and spiritual aspect that allows me to really feel myself and immerse myself into my surroundings."

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Olivia Wang

Vice President

"I grew up learning Chinese dance in Canada, and it made me aware of cultural difference and appreciation in artistic expression. I continue to learn new dance styles with a focus on the space between different dance forms because, to me, they each act as tools that can be used to create an experience."

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Amber Zhao

Secretary, Publicity Chair

"I always enjoyed Chinese Dance as a kid because it allowed me to connect with other kids my age who I shared a similar background with—something that was rare for me at the time."

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Olivia Gong


"Through Chinese dance I have been able to further embrace and learn about my cultural heritage as well as spread the beauty of Asian art within the community."

Events and News

Columbia China Dance Presents Wanderlust || 舞象桃李

Wanderlust is the second annual spring showcase held by Columbia China Dance featuring new performances from our performance team, China Dance Alumni, and professional Chinese dancer Lijun Zhou. Founded in 2013, Columbia China Dance is the only dance group at Columbia University that focuses on authentic classical and traditional Chinese dance from around the country. Wanderlust, which means the desire to explore the world, captures the performers’ passion and enthusiasm for dance as well as China Dance’s exploration of the fusion of Chinese dance with contemporary styles. Join us on our spectacular journey on March 8th.

2020年哥伦比亚大学舞韵舞展的主题为“舞象桃李” 。本次主题名称源于“舞象之年,桃李年华”, 这两个古时分别用来形容男孩和女孩在二十岁上下这个朝气蓬勃的年龄阶段。在哥大繁忙学业之外, 拥有着不同文化和成长背景舞韵成员们凭着自己对于弘扬中国艺术文化的热忱以及对于舞蹈的执着走到一起。在纽约这个充满激情和机会的大背景下,舞韵成员们长期辛苦练功,编排舞蹈,在哥大乃至美国的各大舞蹈比赛中呈现一场场精彩绝伦又意义深刻的演出。这样的付出以及用于闯荡的精神也正呼应着成员们在“舞象之年,桃李年华”这样饱有朝气的年龄阶段所应该有的激情。本次演出包括了舞韵的现任成员以及已毕业的前舞韵成员。为贴合中国元素在舞展中的体现, 追求舞台呈现的极致, 舞韵很荣幸请到了中国著名舞蹈艺术家周丽君参与编排指导。望呈现给观众一场绝佳的视觉盛宴。

Columbia China Dance Spring 2020 Showcase Auditions

Columbia China Dance invites dancers from the greater NYC area to perform at their 2020 spring showcase. Interested individuals should fill out the form linked below and be prepared to audition with the number they plan to perform.

Columbia China Dance Spring 2020 Showcase Production Team


Columbia China Dance Spring 2020 Showcase Production Team

Stage Manager (1)

  • Providing organizational support to the performers, stage crew, and technicians throughout the showcase production process
  • Coordinating the work of the stage crew
  • Overseeing the entire showcase during rehearsals and the final performance backstage
  • Calling cues and dancers' entrances during the performance
    • Responsible, organized, and knowledge of stage and performance process
    • Prior experience preferred

Assistant stage managers (2)

  • Help facilitate communication between the stage manager, crew, and performers
  • Preparing the stage and auditorium for performance
  • Assisting the stage manager in running rehearsals
  • Qualifications
    • Responsible, organized, good communication skills, and diligent
    • Prior experience preferred

Artistic director (1)

  • Responsible for conceiving, developing, and implementing the artistic vision and focus of the showcase
  • Work with the lighting technicians on designing the stage lighting
  • Qualifications
    • Knowledge about stage lighting
    • Prior experience with lerner tech and stage lighting preferred

Back Stage (Run Crew) (5-6)

  • Maintain communication with the dancers backstage
  • Keeping track of the progress of the showcase and notifying the dancers when they are going to perform
  • Facilitate communication between assistant stage manager and the performers
  • Qualifications
    • Responsible and organized

Outreach Manager (2)

  • Help fundraise for the Showcase
  • Help find sponsors for the Showcase
  • Drafting sponsorship contracts
  • Qualifications
    • Well developed communication and business/community outreach skills
    • Prior experience preferred

Publicity Officers (2)

  • Creating flyers for the showcase
  • Designing programs
  • Advertising for event around campus
  • Social media, including instagram, facebook, wechat articles
  • Taking/editing pictures and videos
  • Qualifications
    • Artistic, writing, and design skills
    • Photography/videography skills plus editing software (PS, etc)


  • Free ticket to showcase performance
  • Leadership experience
  • Getting involved in the whole process of organizing a showcase
  • Practical hands on experience organizing performing arts event
  • Get to know Columbia China Dance members, make new friends

Taolibei World Dance Competition

Saturday, November 16
Raritan Valley Community College

Columbia China Dance ranked first in its category and received the Gold award

Columbia China Dance Featured in People's Daily Online 《人民网》

Columbia China Dance hosted its first ever showcase “Castle in the Air,”《镜花水月》 and was featured on People's Daily Online.
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金陵十三钗 | The Flowers of War

天裕 | Bath in Heaven

CSC Night Market

山灵 | Spirits of the Mountain

New Student Orientation Program Performances
《镜花水月》Castle in the Air

秀色 | Ravishing Beauties

Taoli World Dance

山灵 | Spirits of the Mountain

CSC Taste of China

篓秋 | Basket of Autumn